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Provide us with your candidates application details (role they are applying for, link to job posting etc) as soon as they submit it.

We vet the candidate the Qlearloop way

We assess candidates coding ability using one of the Qlearloop assessment styles and provide you with a detailed report on their performance.

See our faq to learn more.

Talk to only vetted candidates and hire

We present you with vetted candidates who are likely to do well during your on-site/final round interviews and get an offer.


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What our customers say

Since we started using Qlearloop, we have been able to screen candidates a lot more efficiently. freeing up time for the team to focus on other important tasks.

Kwadwo Nyarko, President & CTO - Source Div, New York

Qlearloop has helped us eliminate a lot of bias in our hiring process and empowered our non-technical recruiters to screen candidates thoroughly before bringing them in for final round interviews.

Tobe Okoro, CTO - Views, Los Angeles