How do I create a screening request?

You can create a screening request for your Software Engineering applicant by clicking the "create request" button on the nav bar.

What happens after I create a screening request?

Your applicant will receive an email with instructions on how to complete a Qlearloop screening. We update you throughout the process and give you a detailed report of their result after the screening is complete.

Who screens the applicant?

All screenings are done by highly talented Qlearloop interview engineers.

What is the Qlearloop way of screening?

We are big believers in Software Engineers having a say in how they are screened. Our team of highly skilled  and talented engineers have built efficient processes to screen candidates. Candidates have two options (for now)   to pick from for how they would like to be screened. They can either complete a project and submit   to us Or pair with a Qlearloop Engineer. Our processes have been built by Engineers for Engineers and our   goal is to make candidates shine by putting their best foot forward.

How much will it cost me?

We currently charge $235 for 10 screenings a month. We will be rolling out different pricing options in the near future.

I have some feedback, where do I send it?

We LOVE feedback! Please send any feedback you have to support@qlearloop.com

Can I use Qlearloop to screen a Senior level Software Engineer?

Our screening processes have been built and optimized for junior to mid level Software Engineering candidates. This is  for people with experience of anywhere from 0 - 5-ish years. If you would like to have someone with many more years of experience screened using Qlearloop, reach out to us at support@qlearloop.com.

Can I try it out before subscribing?

Absolutely! We would love you to. We offer 3 totally free pre-screenings before you have to subscribe.  We will screen the candidates and provide you with a detailed report on their performance at no cost to you.